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Recently through our blog  “Ask Dr. Tom” site the following question was asked:

 “What is the average cost of breast enlargement? Is there a way that you go through from under your armpit? Thank you.”

We are very proud to offer our patients breast augmentation completely under local anesthesia. Our patients have been very pleased with the results.  We can indeed perform this procedure through a small incision in the armpit area; technically called the “trans-axillary” approach.  Our web site examples of our breast augmentation results https://www.drtomcosmetic.com/breast.php. and testimonials https://www.drtomcosmetic.com/testimonials.php are highlighted.  

We have entitled our technique “Conscious Breast Augmentation” and NOT “conscious sedation” because we perform the entire procedure with only local anesthesia and oral Tylenol, Benadryl and Ativan.  This has been featured in our Health Watch Mommy Makeover video https://www.drtomcosmetic.com/mediacenter.php?mm=1#mommymakeover

An advantage of this technique besides avoiding general anesthesia is that if the patient decides on saline implants we can sit her up during the procedure and she can help us determine if we want to fill the implants up to 10% more volume or not!

And finally because we do not need an anesthesiologist to administer general anesthesia we can pass this cost savings directly back to the patient.  For saline implants the cost of augmentation is $4900.  For silicone implant augmentation the cost is $5900. 

Our consultations are educational and complementary.  Robin our breast augmentation liaison is available to discuss our program by phone (707) 542-8346 or in person.  We look forward to meeting you.

All the best,

Walter Tom

Walter W. Tom, MD, FACS

Medical Director

Aesthetic Laser & Vein Centers