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As part of our mission statement at the Aesthetic Laser & Vein Centers we strive to offer ongoing educational tools for our patients.  When we launched our newest program  Conscious Breast Augmenation performed completley under local anesthesia the technique was straight forward and extremely well tolerated. 

It was interesting that the biggest decision or our patients was selecting the size of implant they desired.  We take measurements and use a formula to help the patient determine what size range of implant could be safely used to minimize complications.

It is also interesting that many women following their surgery wish they would have selected a larger implant but 10 years later wish they had selected a smaller implant.

The following link is available for patients to assit them is visualizing the end result of their breast augmentation.  Obviously one can never guarantee results but we try to give the patient as realistic an idea of what their breasts will look like following their augmentation.  It does not account for the size of implant however.


Please let me know if you find this tool interesting and useful as I may put it on our breast augmentation web page: http://laserandvein.com/breast.php.

As always…in health and beauty,

Walter Tom, MD