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Well it’s day one after my patient’s facial fat grafting procedure with the addition of her Selphyl platelet rich plasma matrix.   She drove herself into our office and she looks quite good.  She actually has a little less than typical swelling. Her skin is smooth, and I can foresee a very nice end cosmetic result.  Another patient considering facial fat grafting saw our Selphyl enhanced fat grafting patient and commented on how good she looked especially for only one day out! 

So far l like the first post op day results of facial fat grafting enhanced by Selphyl PRPM.  Only time will tell if the fat survival will be enhanced.  I am encouraged.  I will be posting how we mixed the Selphyl PRPM with the patient’s fat on YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/user/drwaltertom?feature=mhum.

How about our RN who I injected no fat but just her own Selphyl PRPM?  I injected 7 syringes (7cc) of PRPM into her checks, nasolabial fold and at the corner of her mouth.  She had some immediate swelling but this dissipated quite a bit over night.  Today she feels her cheeks are quite full.  She told me that this feels different than when she has been injected with other fillers.  The corners of her mouth and nasolabial folds look normal.  The enhancement in the cheek area seems quite full.  We will re-evaluate her tomorrow.

How about my Selphyl PRPM treatment?  Our RN injected my cheek area and nasolabial folds.  I have no bruising but I am definitely more full than what I have experienced wiht other filler treatments.  One of our staff noticed my “plump” cheeks but several other staff members did not notice anything unusual.  I am just like our patients; I want to look better (youthful/vibrant/rested) but I don’t want anyone to know that I had anything done…except for those who read this blog!  So far I like the effect.

Typically the Selphyl as a standalone treatment results in the intial cosmetic enhancement due to swelling.  This will resolve in half a week’s time.   Then as the PRPM encourages cell and tissue enhancement one should see an increased cosmetic result in two to three weeks.  

I will keep you updated.

In health and beauty,

Walter W. Tom, MD, FACS