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Recycle our blood to enhance our facial appearance.  This is the basis of using one’s own platelets (a component of our blood) that initiates cell and tissue growth.  The commercial process is the Selphyl platelet rich plasma matrix (PRPM).  This is our day #4 progress report.

Our patient who had facial fat grafting wanted to improve the appearance of her deflated cheeks, sagging eyebrows,  jowls, hollowed eyes and temples.  I mixed her PRPM to her  fat and reinjected it into her face in the appropriate locations.  Today her facial swelling is less but persists.  The degree of swelling is no different than a traditional facial fat grafting procedure without PRPM.

I can definitely see the improvement in her facial features.  I am confident that she will love the end result.  However I have had to reassure her that the swelling will go away.   Fat grafting does take a leap of faith during the short recovery period.

Our RN and I who had the “Vampire Lift” PRPM injected into our cheeks and nasoloabial folds really like the cosmetic effect.  In fact we both have commented on how natural  the enhanced area feels just 3-4 days out.  The longevity of the effect is also important.  I will continue to update.

Happy Holidays,

Walter Tom