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In Eliza Drewa’s recent blog http://newyoumag.com/newyou-blog/plastic-not-perfect/ she explores what motivates women to seek cosmetic treatments.  Eliza actually rejects tha notion that  most women want perfection or the “plastic” look.  Not specifically delineated but what I decipher as an underlying theme is that we should not stand in judgment of others and their motivation to feel better about themselves.

When we created our mission statement to improve patients’ self confidence by an improveed self image I never realized how rewarding I would find my new career path.    In the last decade of dealing with women and men regarding their cosmetic concerns it has become quite evident how powerful our self image impacts our confidence.

I have raised my now adult children to know that our inner person is most important and to not judge people by appearances.  But I would also have done them a disservice by not educating them that the realities of our human world (not just western civilization) is that image does impact how people perceive us.  This is a hard to refute fact if we take away our prejudgment attitudes.

A notable example is that of an 81 year old “salt of the earth” gentleman, U.S. veteran wearing his Navy US Arizona style baseball cap who presented with fairly significant varicose veins.  After fixing his varicosities and seeing him at his postopoerative visit he exclaimed; “Dr. Tom, I want to thank you for taking care of me.  Next summer these 81 year old legs are going to see the  California sunshine for the first time in 50 years!”  Here is man that no one would judge as being “vain” yet his legs’ appearance kept him from wearing shorts in California for 50 years. 

Patients come to our center looking to improve their appearances.  Most do not want perfecitoin or the plastic look.  They want to look natural.   Most don’t want anyone to know they had something done.  We definitely ascribe to this philosophy of cheating at subtle beauty improvements.  One doesn’t have to have a drastice procedure performed.   Botox, Fillers, Photofacials, Fraxel laser resurfacing, Thermage and lastly Facial Fat grafting can give patients their desired refreshed, happier, more vibrant appearace without looking “done”.   We can look at the Hollywood stars but must remember that they are at times a caricature of an image and not for our everyday lives.

On the other hand we should be able to seek whatever we desire fo self improvement without the stigma or judgment passed on by those around us.

Wishing you an enjoyable labor day weekend. 

In health and beauty,

Walter Tom