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Selphyl platelet rich plasma fibrin matrix or the Vampire Facelift is getting a lot of media attention.  I do believe that it’s biggest impact may be how it enhances facial fat grafting as featured on our web link: http://laserandvein.com/facialgrafting.php.

A patient emailed me all the way from Florida about the use of Selphyl in facial fat grafting because of the potential for long term results typically lasting 3-8+ years (as long as a facelift!).  His email question and my response are below.  I have edited both to keep his indentity anonymous.

Hi Dr. Tom,

 I am 43 year old male living in Florida and I am interested in rejuvenating my face.  I have (years ago) tried dermal fillers for nasolabial folds and although it worked to some degree, it didn’t last long.  I am very interested in Selphyl and more specifically, Selphyl fat transfer.  I am hoping that this will also help with forehead wrinkles.  Can you please let me know how much this procedure costs?

 Also, my wife is 5’4″ 115 pounds. She is very fit and healthy but is having much difficulty losing the last small fat deposits on her hips and lower stomach. She is interested in having spot Lipo to contour these stubborn areas.  I realize you would need to see her to give an accurate quote for this, but can you possibly give us an approximate range so we have some idea if we can consider this at the same time that I would do the above procedure?

 Thanks and regards,

Joe “Florida”

My reponse:

Hello Joe “Florida”,

 Thank you for your inquiry regarding facial fat grafting with Selphyl and Lipo sculpturing.  

 I understand your dilemma regarding the temporary nature of fillers to correct facial areas of concern.  You have obviously done your research on the cause of many of our facial concerns.  Primarily as we age we lose fat volume in our faces.  The deflation of our cheeks results in nasolabial folds and the hollowed look or exposed bags under our eyes.   As we lose fat in our foreheads our eyebrows drop lower and the upper lids of our eyes begin to descend down upon our eyelashes.

 Facial fat grafting http://laserandvein.com/facialgrafting.php can help with all of the above issues that results in a “natural” vibrant more youthful look without looking plastic.  Under local anesthesia without any scalpels and just using small needle entry sites I suction live fat cells from an unwanted area of your body.  Then again under local anesthesia along with some dental type nerve blocks I inject the fat into the desired areas of correction.  You will  experience approximately 5-7 days of swelling but certainly into the next week you will look refreshed, your skin healthier and your face more youthful.  Best of all you will not look “plastic”. 

 I actually speak and teach physicians on the techniques of facial fat grafting.  I have been performing this technique for 4 years and my patients are quite pleased with the results.  If you are interested Joe “Florida”, please email me photos of yourself presently and then some photos of you at a younger age that you like. 

 Because of your diligent research you expressed interest in Selphyl enriched fat transfers.  Typically with fat grafting I have the patient return for a secondary injection session of their fat that was stored frozen from the initial procedure.  We do this because about 70% of the original fat injected survives.  The second procedure gives one the desired final look and we expect long lasting results of 3-8 years. 

 Selphyl is a unique simple way to harness your blood serum’s platelets and growth factors that can enhance the survival of your fat cell transfer.  We actually mix your own serum with your fat.  This may increase the fat survival by 10%+.  Two videos of interest are  http://www.americanhealthandbeauty.com/articles/?article=4203 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lp0wj_I8h5U.


Patty Timko is our practice administrator and surgical liaison.  She is available to speak to you by phone (707) 542-8346 ext. 305.  Our consultations are educational and complementary.  The cost of facial fat transfer is $6000 that includes suctioning fat from one area of the body ( I actually contour the area for you) and immediate injection of the fat.  It also includes the second fat injection session.  If we add Selphyl to your fat there is an additional $600 fee.

 Regarding your lovely wife who is in great shape, she would be an excellent candidate for SmartLipo laser body contouring.  Again just under local anesthesia without knives we use a small laser fiber to melt the fat and heat up the skin to enhance skin tightening.  I then suction the fat with small cannula to achieve the desired body contour.  There is very little downtime.  Our web link is: http://laserandvein.com/smartlipo.php.  The cost is $3500 for the first area and then $1500 for each additional area.  The outsides of the hips (both right and left side) are considered one area.  If you would email me photos we can give you a more accurate fee quote.  Again I would like to offer Patty Timko our surgical liaison as a great educational resource at (707) 542-8346 ext. 305.

 Joe “Florida”,  Florida is a long way’s away.  Would you be willing to come to Sonoma Wine country for your procedure?   We have had patients from Hawaii come for our services but not yet from the Sunshine state…although my mother lives in Daytona Beach area and comes into my office all the time for services when she is visiting.  I guess I can’t count that!

 All the best,

Walter Tom

Walter W. Tom, MD, FACS

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