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We have heard it before; “She has such a youthful face, she’s in great shape but her hands give her age away.”  

But you can have younger hands by Monday.

We take our health seriously.  We exercise and eat well.  We even invest in our looks with various cosmetic treatments.  Yet our hands can belie our youthful image.

Hands are a miracle of the human body.  They allow us to build and create, to communicate even if we are not Italian, and to feel our environment.  Due to constant activity our hands are exposed to the environment as much as our faces.  Chronic sun exposure leads to age spots and thinning of the skin. Just as seen in the aging face we lose fat on the topside of our hands resulting in more visible veins.

How can you have younger looking hands by Monday?    

1)      Intense Pulsed Light treatments are an effective way to quickly get rid of those sun and age spots.    They may disappear in only one to two treatments.

2)       For more vibrant and youthful looking hands we need to replenish the volume on top.  A quick and easy method involves injecting fillers under the skin.  This can make you hands look 10 years younger and in only 30 minutes.  Results may last up to a year!

3)      For a more long lasting result your own fat can be used.  The fat can be collected from an undesirable location such as your muffin top or tummy area.  The fat can dramatically improve skin texture and minimize those unsightly hand veins.

4)      Do you just put sunblock on your face?  Start using sunblock on our hands as well.  It’s never too late.  A slower process but it will help diminish your sun spots and relieve your drying skin.

It’s is fairly straight forward to achieve more youthful appearing hands.  What is especially nice is that one can so with little downtime and a high level of patient satifaction.

In Beauty and Health,

Dr. Tom