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Recently a recurring theme has been evident during patient consultations at my office. Many patients believe that they are requesting a cosmetic procedure to look better, younger, more attractive, etc.

From an evolutionary perspective, we are part of the animal kingdom. Yes, we have a higher level of thought and emotions. Yet, we share two survival traits of all animals on earth. We strive to feed ourselves for survival ( We work for money to buy food, versus hunting on the Serengeti, or foraging for berries in the foliage). And we want to perpertuate our DNA/genes through procreation. This later instinctual drive is the basis of “Why We’re Attracted” presented by Michio Kaku

Through the centuries certain aspects of what we consider beauty changes. But the commonality is that it usually reflects that we are healthy, can provide sustanence, and will be a good caretaker/parent of one’s children.

So when my patients request a certain look or treatment, I try to help them realize that there is not one “beauty standard” but that one should strive for a “healthy and vibrant” look that will be more enduring over time.

Bright eyes, healthy looking skin, a fit phyique appropriate for age, and a positive healthy attitude we help us to be attractive no matter what our shape or age!

In health and beauty,

Dr. Tom