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Many women complain of heaviness, back pain and a stigma from having too large a breast size.  Recently a novel approach to reduce breast volume has been introduced using liposuction.  This avoids the traditional large incision breast reduction surgery.  This was highlighted in New You Magazine: http://www.newyoumag.com/?s=breast+reduction+with+liposuction.

Below is  recent patient inquiry regarding liposuction breast reduction.


I was looking at one of your videos re Mommy makeover and was impressed with it.  I would like to know if you offer breast reduction through liposuction.  If yes what would be the cost of the procedure.

Thanks much

 My reply:

___, liposuction certainly has been used in this novel approach to reducing breast tissue in women whose breast are too large.  We would perform liposuction of just fat tissue (not actual breast tissue).  An exam would be needed to assess how much of your breast mound volume is fat and what is actual breast tissue.  If a major portion is fat then liposuction would be a reasonable approach. 

The breast reduction by liposuction would be performed under local anesthesia and we would add the laser to the undersurface of the skin (SmartLipo) to increase skin tightening.  A formal surgical breast reduction with the cutting away of breast tissue is still the “gold standard” for major reductions.  Those opting for liposuction want to avoid the large incisions and general anesthesia.  They are willing to accept a smaller amount of volume reduction. 

The post procedure recovery is much shorter than traditional surgery, more comfortable and with much less downtime.  You will be required to wear a good support bra for several months.

Recently in New You Magazine a nice report on liposuction breast reduction is on link: http://www.newyoumag.com/?s=breast+reduction+with+liposuction.

Patty our practice administrator and laser liposuction liaison would be happy to discuss this further with you as well as arranging for a complementary consultation.  She can be reached at (707) 542-8346, ext. 305. The cost would be $4000.

Thank you again ____ for your interest in laser liposuction reduction of the breast.

All the best,

Walter Tom

Walter W. Tom, MD, FACS

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