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It’s interesting that medicine (Cosmetic surgery) is just as prone to marketing if not more so than ever before.  Recently featured on the popular TV show The Doctors was described the Mona Lisa Smile.  I watched the video clip and deduced that it was enlightening for the public.  It demonstrates a technique that we have been using for years.  It is always reassuring that  good techniques are consistent across the world.

Many patients complain that their mouths are downturned and makes them look sad when indeed they are happy.  This can be quite frustrating as this sad look can affect the way others react to us.  It is called the “mirror” theory in psychology. 

In the past facelifts were utilized to elevate the corners of the mouth but many patients shied away from this invasive procedure because of the risks, downtime and at times unnatural post op appearance.

Patients have demanded less invasive procedures.  Hence fillers are a quick fix remedy. 

Some of the basics of the downturned mouth is that it often it is related to aging where the fat of the face (the cheeks and around the mouth) deflates.  We can help to correct this downturn using fillers such as Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm.  We can inject this filler as structural support vertically at the angle of the mouth as demonstrated by Dr. Ordon on The Doctors video clip.  We also can add fill under the  angle of the mouth to push it upwards.  If one desires a more complete correction then we add fillers to the cheeks that pulls up the angle of the mouth and creates an overall  more youthful, vibrant look. 

The technique itself is what we try to achieve in all of our patients.  A natural looking enhancement.

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