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Question: Are there any neck lift procedures that can be performed under a local, rather than a general anesthetic?  My wife would like to get her neck lifted/tightened, however her past med. history rules out a general anesthetic.   Thanks…………..

­­­__________, luckily there are two alternatives for lifting the skin of the neck without traditional surgery and general anesthesia.  If your wife has loose skin and some fat within the skin SmartLipo laser liposuction is her best alternative.  Completely under local anesthesia through three small needle puncture sites we pass a laser under the skin and melt the fat as well as heat the skin internally.  We then suction the fat out and wait over several months for the skin to tighten from the laser effect.  Our web link is https://www.drtomcosmetic.com/smartlipo.php.  If you view the videos please know that the suctioning process of the chin, neck and jaw line area is much gentler with a small narrow cannulae and a syringe than for other body areas.

The procedure takes about 45 minutes to perform.  You did not mention what medical issues you wife has so that will obviously moderate whatever recommendations we make. 

The beauty of these procedures is that only local anesthesia is used thus negating significantly anesthetic risks.

If she cannot even tolerate local anesthesia then Thermage non-surgical radiofrequency system can heat up the skin through a hand piece delivering 900 pulses to the face and neck to tighten the skin.  No anesthesia is required but a small oral sedative and pain pill is used to make the procedure quite tolerable.  Our Thermage web link is http://laserandvein.com/thermage.php

Sometimes the combination of SmartLipo followed by Thermage gives the best result.  Please feel free to call our office at (707) 542-8346 ext 305 to speak with Patty our SmartLipo liaison or in Napa at (707) 224-5346 you can speak with Jennifer our patient coordinator. 

We look forward to meeting you and your wife.

All the best,

Walter Tom

Walter W. Tom, MD, FACS

Medical Director

Aesthetic Laser & Vein Centers