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Recycle!  Live Green!  Yes but how do you recyle yourselves for a younger looking you?  I recently was a guest lecture at the 5th Annual National Society of CosmeticPhysicians and spoke about our four year experience with Facial Fat Grafting.  Another speaker Dr. Rich Goldfarb described a new technology of using one’s own blood platelet component “Selphyl” to rejuvenate our skin instead of traditional fillers.  The preliminary results are quite encouraging.  I actually have scheduled a preliminary trial for our offices.

From Toronto , Canada the following health watch report describes these two approached. `Click on the next line below.

New procedure uses fat to combat aging skin

The advantage of Selphyl is that one’s own platelets exhibit a healing property that can reduce the signs of aging skin, most notably dehydration and wrinkles.  The approach consists of drawing a very small amount of the patient’s blood.  It is then spun down and the platelets are collected and and activated to be immediately re-injected into the patient’s skin.  There is initially some swelling (that looks good) and then it resolves (not so good); yet around three weeks one can see regenerative improvement of the skin.  How long this will last is still not clear.    Yet it is very intriguing to think of truly inducing a regeneration of a more youthful cellular skin structure in our faces.

The second portion of the videoreport is a summary of fat grafting that I am zealous advocate.  Part of our facial aging is due to the loss of fat volume.  One can receive a very natural more vibrant look after the judicious use of small incremental fat injections are performed.  Our web link describing this process with before and after photos is located at: http://laserandvein.com/facialgrafting.php

I will report back on our preliminary experiences with Selphyl.  Along with one of our main RN injectors and myself, we will be one of the first patients…….Stay tuned!