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We had such interest and positive feedback on our “Lower Tummy after children” Q/A posting that I wanted to follow up with a before and after photo of a 26 year old patient who had loose tummy skin hanging over a C-section scar.  At the time of her treatment SmartLipo laser body  sculpting was not available.  She like many patients just did not want to undergo a traditional tumm tuck.  She understood that the tummy tuck would give her the most skin tightening but with a surgical procedure, long incision and lengthy recovery period.

To see the results click on the link below and click on when asked whether to open the Word document.

Tummy Thermage Before and After

Thermage was the only non-surgical treatment available.  We treated her with remarkable results.  Although response is variable this patient was thrilled.  Because Thermage radiofrequency creates a thermal or heating zone under each hand piece pulse resulting in restructuring of the skin’s collagen.  Because of he heat generated can cause some discomfort a mild sedative such as Ativan and a pain reliever like Vicodin will be taken prior to treatment.  Following this patient’s treatment her mother drove her home because of the medications but the patient quickly resumed her normal activities.  Although she could see significant improvement in 9 days it takes most patients about two months to see improvement and sometimes up to six months.

 Some three years later she had SmartLipo laser liposuction when we introduced this technology to the San Francisco north bay area.

Newer Thermage technology has now emerged with a hand piece that vibrates vigorously when pulsing the skin.  Much like acupuncture this can help to make the treatment more comfortable.    

When one looks for alternatives to non-surgical therapies one must understand that surgery will still result in the most taut skin possible.  But many patients prefer a less dramatic result if they can enjoy the benefits of little to no downtime with nonsurgical treatments such as Thermage.

In health and beauty,

Walter Tom