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Very thin patients can be problematic in aesthetics especially in the face where natural aging results in  fat deflation.  In the thin patient this is even more pronounced.  A recent email question and answer is printed below.

Question Title: 52 and thin…looking for subtle, youthful facial changes

Question: I am 52 and have always been very thin.  With age, my facial fat (and breast fat) has disappeared.   Is there a minimally invasive procedure that could be effective for someone like me…to help look less tired, a little more youthful in the face? 

Dear _____, when I meet a patient who wants subtle natural aesthetic improvements I get very excited.  I share your philosophy that looking vibrant, with a glow is the key to improving our self-image.  Who really wants to look “plastic”?

I have just returned from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons annual meeting in Phoenix last week.   What is so very exciting is that the trend is away from cutting procedures.  In fact most of the lectures and discussions in between revolved around facial fat grafting and stem cells.

I have been performing facial fat grafting for years and believe that the results are indeed natural and long lasting (3-8 years).  The basis of our facial aging is that we lose facial fat volume. A traditional facelift does not address the volume loss.  When I perform facial fat grafting we harvest fat from one area of the body (yes we might ask you to gain a few lbs.!) under local anesthesia.  We then immediately inject it through again under local anesthesia in all the deflated areas of your face.  More information and “before and after” photos can be seen on our web link: http://laserandvein.com/facialgrafting.php.

Another option may be the new Selphyl procedure dubbed the Vampire life ( I really don’t like the name but the media has grabbed it so now it’s the catch word).  We draw your own blood, spin it down and then take the serum that has a high concentration of platelets to inject into your face.  The platelets stimulate growth factors.  I will be interviewed on KSRO 1350 AM morning news show at 6:48 AM.  If you cannot listen you might want to look at my blog site: http://blog.laserandvein.com/.

Our consultations are educational and complementary.  Patty our practice administrator is available to discuss whether you are a candidate at (707) 542-8346 ext. 305.  Please bring in photos of you in your younger years for an evaluation.

I look forward to meeting you,

Walter Tom

Walter W. Tom, MD, FACS

Medical Director

Aesthetic Laser & Vein Centers