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Selphyl is a simple but ingenious way to isolate one’s own platelets and growth factors to be injected back into our faces to enhance positive skin cell growth and volume restoration of our aging face.  The so called “Vampire Lift” has arrived in Northern California Wine Country just in time for holidays!

Today I performed a facial fat grafting procedure on a beautiful 50 year old personal trainer who has noticed an ongoing aging of her face due to fat deflation. She complained about her facial folds, hollowed out eyes, frown lines and thinned out temple region.  She felt gaunt.  

Completely under local anesthesia I harvest her own viable fat cells from her thighs and sides of her abdomen.  Although I have achieved excellent long term results by injecting these very fat cells directly back into our patients’ faces we are always striving to improve our techniques and long term outcomes.

A natural component of our blood called platelets have some remarkable properties.   When activated our blood plasma enriched with platelets may stimulate cell growth and the creation of  fibrous matrix that will allow an increase in collagen and tissue growth.   We mixed this platelet rich plasma matrix (PRPM) with the harvested fat and then injected the fat into our patient’s face.  She has a beautiful response and now over the next several weeks the PRPM should improve the overall results and longevity.  I will keep you updated as to her progress.   Our patient and we are very excited and optimistic about her results.

Selphyl (PRPM) can also be used as a stand alone filler to allow a scaffolding of structures to build facial rejuvenation.  Our lead RN and I volunteered to be “guinea bunnies”.  She injected my own PRPM into my face.  Now my cheeks are fuller and my nasolabial fold is a little softer.  The discomfort was minimal and I have no facial pain while I write this blog.  I also injected our RN with her own Selphyl PRPM today.  We will keep you updated on our experience.

I am again very excited to be part of the leading edge technology of harnessing the potential of our own bodies’ cells that may act in part like stem cells.  Rejuvenation from within.  This has little risk with great potential.

Stay tuned…

In health and beauty,

Walter W. Tom, MD, FACS