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We are very excited at the Aesthetic Laser & Vein Centers to be hosting a new blog site dedicated to educating our friends about their ongoing cosmetic concerns.  We have added “Health” to our blog name because we must optimize our inside to allow our outside to shine.

I will be postings Q & A’s from the many inquiries we have received through our KZST and KJZY Cosmetic Info line (KZST.com and KJZY.com) as well as phone calls to my weekly “Ask the Expert” show on KSRO 1350 AM radio from 12:30 – 1:00 PM.

Reviewing the large volume of information on the internet can be daunting.  I will post various articles that I feel are of particular interest for our friends.

Video blogs are in high demand so I will be not only posting our various videos from our main website (https://www.drtomcosmetic.com/) but snipets of my radio show will also be posted.

Our staff will also be guests on this blog adding their individual insights.

If you have any suggestions for topics please write me via comments.

Thank you all for kind support throughout the years.

To your good health and beauty,
Walter W. Tom, MD, FACS