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Our mission statement is centered around improving our patients self confidence by enhancing their self image through advanced technology and education in a  warm secure environment.

Some people may wonder how laser hair removal fulfills this mission statement?  More than one might realize if they don’t have any hair growth issues.

I remember a female colleague that I saw one day in my office.  She has always been greagarious and never seemed the least bit shy or self conscious.  I had not seen her at the hospital in a while and asked her why she was at our cosmetic laser center.  She replied that she has had excessive hair growth resembling a man’s beard and that she even needed to shave just like a man everyday!  I had no idea.

She then without prompting began to thank me and our staff for helping to restore her self confidence!  She told me that she was so embarrassed about her facial hair that it really affected her self esteem.  This was an epiphany for me and I am a cosmetic physician.  Unless one has the same concern, we can lose track of how certain issues such as unwanted facial hair growth can impact our lives.

This once again became an issue when I received this recent email inquiry from one of our blog readers.  Again the name is changed to preserve anonimity.  I have posted her question and my reply.

Question: I have a full goatee being a woman of 50years and I have to shave daily. Is there a remedy that will work for grey and dark facial hair? 

Cleopatra (not her real name), some of our most rewarding moments at our laser center is helping our patients feel more confident (and less self conscious) about their facial hair growth.  This is a fairly common concern for women your age but even for young girls.  Your confidentiality will be a priority.

 Our laser nurses are quite skilled and experienced in laser hair removal.  Our web link is http://laserandvein.com/laserhairremoval.php

 In general the laser is quite effective for dark hair.  The laser works by damaging the pigment (dark) portion of your hair follicles leading to significant reduction.  Often times the results are dramatic and long lasting.  It does require a series of treatments to catch the majority of your hair growth.

As you might expect, gray hair has less pigment and may not respond to the laser.  For residual gray hair that doesn’t respond to the laser treatments electrolysis may be the next step in making you razor free.  This combination of laser hair removal followed by electrolysis may be the your best option.  We do not perform electrolysis at our office at this time.

Cleopatra, our consults are educational and complementary.  You would meet with one of our cosmetic laser nurse specialist.  Jan or Jennifer our patient education and services advisor will contact you to set up a consultation should you desire.  You can also contact us at (707) 542-8346 in Santa Rosa or (707) 224-5347 in Napa.

 We look forward to seeing you Cleopatra and in helping you with your concern.

 Thank you again for your inquiry,

 Walter Tom

It so rewarding to be able to help our patients.  Sometimes even in ways that we are unaware.

In health and beauty,

Walter Tom