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I have recently had the honor to be a speaker at the 2011 American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons Fall meeting on the Big Island of Hawaii.  It was exciting not only to present our philosophy and technique of facial fat grafting but to learn from my colleagues.  To listen to Dr. Tom’s Ask the Expert Show on this topic, click onto the following link:  2011 Fall American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons Update Dr Tom Presentation

A new shift away from aggressive face lifts has occurred over the last 5 years.  The field of cosmetic surgeons has lead the way as patients want to avoid that “face lift” or “plastic look”.  In our youth, our bodies are thinner and our faces fuller.  Unfortunately as time moves on this reverses, and our bodies become fuller and our faces deflate. 

This facial deflation leads to a tired, less vibrant look.  How can one add back the lost volume to the face?  Facial fat grafting is the key.  It is an artistic technique that requires a visualization of where there is lost fat volume and a concerted study of younger photos to reestablish the vibrancy of youth.  The fat can be “harvested” from one area of the body where it is NOT appreciated and immediately transplanted to the face under local anesthesia.  It is introduced through small tubes called cannula.  I appreciated my colleagues comments that the final results were natural looking.

One particular presentation that I appreciated was on fat transfer to the buttocks.  This is the so called, media hyped “Brazilian Butt Lift”  Once again in similar fashion fat is removed via a liposuction technique from undesirable area and transplanted in order to enhance the roundness or fullness of the derriere.  This is very popular in the Latina and Black female population.  It is gaining popularity in the Northern European group as well where one has lost volume in the derriere due to aging or because the patient wants more curves!

The key to the Brazilian Butt Lift to sculpt the buttocks by performing liposuction of the flanks (“Love Handles”, “Muffin Top”), and the outside of the thighs (“Saddle Bags”).  These manuevers delineate the derriere contours in an aesthetically pleasing shape.  One additional area to be scultped is the low back area just above the buttock “cleavage” that will give the “Brazilian” look so desired.

Certainly at this time fat is still where its at, in cosmetic surgery 2011.

In health and beauty,

Walter Tom