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Facebook is a very good interactive format for my friends and patients. (My patients are also my friends!) The below is a question and my reply that is based on the concept of the “Liquid Lift”

Friend: “Dr T have you heard of Sculptra Aesthetics?”

My reply: “Hello ____, Sculptra has a product that is an absorbable component that can be injected into the face for volume. It can be useful in thin patients who do not have enough of their own fat to replace lost facial volume. I prefer fat because it is the paitent’s own tissue, last longer with much less complications and when combined with their own serum (Selphyl) and activated healing factors we have seen beautiful skin rejuvenation as well. Here is a link for our video podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9qAQIjehpQ&feature=related.”

Although I like fat as the best treatment to replace lost facial volume there is about a week of cosmetic downtime. In our fast paced society the majority of our patients want NO DOWNTIME. Their best option is the liquid lift that offers immediate results with no downtime.

I prefer using fillers such as Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm. They have a softness that results in a natural look. It is a comfortable procedure that requires no anesthesia. There is actually local anesthesia already mixed in the fillers by the manufacturer. By placing the fillers in areas of deflation the face is lifted and results in a vibrant natural look.

In health and beauty,
Dr. Tom