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Another interesting question posed to me on our KZST/KJZY Cosmetic info line came from a gentleman who has loose elbow skin.  His question/concern and my response are posted below:

Question: Saggy skin at elbows

Question: I’m 57 in good shape.  Problem is loose skin around elbows.  What Can you do? 

I noticed that your email address is related to outdoor work.  If that is correct then part of the loose skin of your elbow region may in part be due to long term sun exposure leading to loss of elasticity of your skin. Another cause is aging ( I am right behind you at age 56!) and genetic predisposition to lax skin.

You have three options at this time. 

The first and most effective yet usually the least desirable is to surgically cut away excess skin.  The recovery is prolonged and the scar is usually quite long from  elbow to under arm/pit. 

The best non-surgical approach would be to use Thermage a radiofrequency treatment.  A hand piece is applied to the skin of the elbow and arm.  Radio wave pulsing that heats up the skin collagen leading to skin tightening over a two to six month period.  Our web link is http://laserandvein.com/thermage.php.

If you have some excess fat deposits along the undersurface of the arm then laser liposuction can be used to melt the fat by passing a tiny laser fiber under the skin after local anesthesia is injected.  After melting the fat it is suctioned.  The laser is also used to heat up the undersurface of the skin to achieve skin tightening.  Our web link for this laser liposuction is http://laserandvein.com/smartlipo.php.  The second video half way down the page demonstrates how I perform this procedure on the arm. 

If Thermage or SmartLipo is of interest to you please feel free to contact our office at (707) 542-8346 and to speak with Jan our service education coordinator.  Our consults are educational and complementary.  We would be happy to evaluate you at our new office location at 70 Stony Point Rd, Ste. G in Santa Rosa.

 Thank you again for your interest, 

Walter Tom