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I  receive many questions either through KZST/KJZY Cosmetic Info line or my “Ask the Expert” talk radio show on KSRO.  I will be posting some of the more interesting as well as frequently asked questions with my reply on this blog.

Below is the first of many.

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Question: I am 58 and have a lot of spider veins. Is there a danger these will turn into varicose veins.  Can spider veins be removed or prevented?

Dear _____, the good news is that your spider veins may cause some discomfort and on occasion bleed but they are primarily a cosmetic issue.  Spider veins do not become the larger varicose veins. 

Luckily we can simply treat the spider veins with sclerotherapy.  A very small needle is used to inject a non-painful solution (I do not use salt water that is quite uncomfortable) into the vein that over time will allow the vein to disappear.  It usually takes several (2-3) treatments to achieve the optimal results.  Our web link is: http://laserandvein.com/vein.php at mid-page entitled “Sclerotherapy”.  I also describe the treatment on our media center link: http://laserandvein.com/mediacenter.php the top video; on the right hand side are three mini-panels – please click on the middle panel.   

I have been performing sclerotherapy since 1990s with excellent results.  We do recommend wearing compression hose for two weeks during the day but otherwise there is no downtime.  I have even had this treatment myself.

We have a special vein light that allows us to visualize the “feeder” vessels that feed into the spider veins.  Treating these veins with sclerotherapy as well will improve your results.

Our consultations are quite educational and are complementary.  The cost per session is $475.  Most of our patients find significant improvement with the very first treatment.

_____, we look forward to meeting you. Jan our service educator would be happy to arrange for a complementary consultation.  She can be reached at (707) 542-8346.

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Walter W. Tom, MD, FACS
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